At Midstream College, we want our girls to enjoy netball and develop a love for the game. Together with talent development, we strive to build girls’ character. We want to develop creative, hard-working and fearless players who go out into the world and make a difference. We want to teach our players what kind of commitment is needed to be part of a team and to function as a unit.

Netball 2019

It was a fantastic season and all the girls involved can be proud of their achievements this year, with all the players proving to be very hard-working and committed.

To kick off the season, our A-teams attended the Egalite netball course at Sun City, which offered the perfect balance and opportunity for the school’s pre-season preparations, team building and team selections. Additionally, many unforgettable memories were made at this world-class resort.

The 2019 season saw Midstream competing in the Jubilee B-league for the third year. Even though we were among the smallest of the nine schools in the league, our girls showed grit and determination on the court and fought to the very end in each match. We achieved great wins against Prestige College, Hoërskool Wonderboom and Hoërskool Centurion.

Each age group performed well in their respective divisions. The overall league positions for the A and B-teams and were as follows:

u/14A ‒ 5th; u/14B ‒ 3rd; u/15A ‒ 7th; u/15B ‒ 4th; u/16A ‒ 4th; u/16B ‒ 5th; u/17A ‒ 8th and u/19A ‒ 7th.

The u/14A; u/16A and u/19A teams went through to the Tshwane play-offs and the u/16A team ended up competing in the quarter finals.

Coaches for 2020


Ms Tinarie van der Merwe


Ms Monné van der Linde


Mss Mari du Preez & Marina Roux


Ms Chantelle Pretorius


Ms Suhané Niemand


Mss Mari du Preez & Marina Roux


Ms Chantelle Brown


Ms Ulana Durow


Ms Lize Ludick


Ms Janine Brummer


Dr Johan Meyer

Senior C-teams

Ms Mari du Preez

2020 Tours




u/14A, u/14B & u/15A

Raloka Netball Ranch

22 – 25 March

u/16A; u/17A & 1st

Sun City

27 – 30 March

u/14C; u/15B; u/15C; u/16B & 2nd

Midstream College

19 – 20 March

2020 Match Dates

6 & 7 March

Cornwall Hill College

14 March

Hoërskool Ermelo

18 March

Hoërskool Oosterlig

24 April

Prestige College

6 May

Cornwall Hill College

8 May

Hoërskool Wonderboom

13 May

Pretoria High School for Girls

16 May

Hoërskool Centurion

20 May

Hoërskool Pretoria-Noord

22 May

Sutherland High School

25 May

Hoërskool Overkruin

Trial dates and play-offs for Gauteng

2 March

D4 District trialsu/18

4 March

D4 District trialsu/16 & u/17

5 March

D4 District trialsu/14 & u/15

6 March

D4 District trials

9 March

Tshwane trials u/18

10 March

Tshwane trials u/14 & u/15

11 March

Tshwane trials u/16 & u/17

13 March

Tshwane trials

27 April

Final GSS trials

23 May

D4 Play-offs u/14 – u/18

26 May

Tshwane play-offs u/14 & u/15

28 May

Tshwane play-offs u/16; u/17 & u/19

2020 Practice Times (published)

If you’re really passionate about the game, you’ll always put your best foot forward. Whatever position you’re put in, that’s the passion you have to get the turnovers, to get the shots in, and pass the ball to your team-mates.

That’s the passion you need to have for the game, and the drive you need to succeed. If you’ve got that passion then you’ll always be there at training and you’ll be a real team player.                    –   Kadeen Corbin

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