Midstream College has an active and successful equestrian team.

We participate in events organised by SANESA in core league, eventing and vaulting.

After four regional qualifiers riders are selected by SANESA to participate in the regional schools final.

Thereafter riders are selected to ride at nationals to represent their province.

Chef d’Equipe: Ms Christine Almeida (calmeida@midstreamcollege.co.za)

All entries for Gauteng Central Schools Events are made electronically at http://www.sanesa.co.za.

Any queries regarding entries should be directed to Ms Almeida, or to the SANESA representatives listed on the SANESA SCHOOLS website.


Scoring is as follows: 

Scores are allocated by SANESA and are published on the website a few days after each event. The scores are used by SANESA for selection as well as by the school to determine prize winners at the end of the year.

All scores in every class in each discipline (e.g. show jumping) will count towards placing a school, school team and rider-horse combination in the league competition. (SANESA regulations)

All riders should stay in the same level per discipline throughout the year. Should they go up a level, those points will not be added to the next level.

To achieve greater scores it is advisable to enter the same class/level in each qualifying show, this then results in the rider qualifying for the Nationals year-end show representing Gauteng Central and the school. 

Scores per show are split per discipline. The disciplines are:



Show jumping

Showing (grouped – working riding, showing, utility)

Eventing (3-phase combination of cross-country, dressage and show jumping)


Endurance riding

Overall points achieved during the year are calculated from the points allocated by SANESA. The points per discipline and per horse/rider combination are added.

General sport enquiries: Mr Hans van Vreden – Head of Sport (hvanvreden@midstreamcollege.co.za). 

1 Ashford Street, Midstream Estate | info@midstreamcollege.co.za | 012 661 2341