Ars Loquendi

Ars Loquendi is offered to grade 10 and 11 learners (English and Afrikaans). It aims to teach learners how to choose a topic for a prepared speech, how to structure that speech and how to deliver it with confidence and conviction. Learners are not expected to be competent public speakers – the course is especially aimed at learners who would like to improve these skills.

A fun part of each session is the impromptu speaking. Each speaker is given a topic and roughly 10 minutes to prepare a 2 – 3 minute thought-provoking speech on that topic. A chairman is in charge of each meeting and the impromptu chairman decides the topics for the impromptu speeches.

The Um-and Ah-counter entertains the audience by reporting on ‘mistakes’ that were made and the grammarian highlights where language was used well in the speeches.

The course ends with a gala evening to which parents are invited to see what their children have discovered about their ‘hidden speech talents’. The gala evening is entirely run by the learners and learners vote for the best prepared speakers and impromptu speakers.

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