The Bondev group, consisting of Riaan Botma, Chris Smith, Jan Zeederberg and Johan van Wyk, is the developer of Midstream.  On a temporary basis, this group of entrepreneurs started with property development in 1995. Although each member continued working in his private capacity, they met on Monday evenings to discuss the week’s planning and to provide feedback regarding what was completed in the week. Their first joint development was Eldoraigne x26. They obtained land rights and bought the property where 200 townhouses were to be built.  The Eldo Estates, Eldopark and Eldoglen developments followed suit.

The name “Bondev”, chosen for this dynamic property development company, stems from the French noun   ‘bon’, meaning ‘good’, and ‘dev’, short for ‘developments’; hence their vision to be involved in ‘good developments’. They would also build the well-known Bondev House.

Ground is bought

The initial vision of merely buying and developing a piece of ground soon turned out to be a much greater challenge, with more than 5 000 families firmly established in Midstream by 2017.

The farm that has been developed into the Midstream residential communities formed part of the Olifantsfontein farm which belonged to the Van Loggerenberg and Strydom families. The property changed hands and over the years belonged, amongst others, to Mondorp and ABSA. In 1999, Bondev acquired the 1 367-hectare property and started the long and tedious process of securing the development rights to the property.

The biggest problem facing the prospective buyers was the limited access to the property – centrally located in Gauteng, the power-house province of South Africa. Initially, the only direct access to the farm was via a long, winding, almost impassable gravel road that led from the Irene/Olifantsfontein road. Furthermore critical municipal service – water and electricity supply – was not readily available in 1999, as the property was located on the outskirts of the Ekurhuleni Metro and there were no developments close by to which services for the envisaged residential communities could be linked. The lack of services meant that new infrastructure had to be created with a new access road to be constructed – Brakfontein Road in 2003. New reservoirs had to be constructed and connected to a Rand Water pipeline (2004) and a new electrical substation had to be constructed (2004) to establish the first development phase which was proclaimed on 17 July 2003.

Development of Midstream College starts

The Bondev development team saw the establishment of a school as one of the vital elements for a sustainable community. They consulted with Dr Michau Heyns, a professor from the University of the Orange Free State and former headmaster of Grey College, on critical aspects of establishing a school. Beyond ownership and management models for the planned educational facility, one of the most important aspects that had to be decided upon was the language in which classes would be taught. After much deliberation it was decided that Midstream College would be an Afrikaans-English parallel-medium school. Eighteen hectares of centrally-located land would be set aside to establish a pre-primary, primary and high school.

School colours, school uniforms, the schools’ motto, “Excellentia”, and the school badge were other items that needed to be planned for the schools yet to be established. The motto, “Excellentia”, expells the wish to continuously strive towards improving oneself, whilst the school badge displays a number of the Midstream development landmarks.

The year 2004 saw the construction of the pre-primary section of the College completed and the initial stages of the Midstream College Primary was completed in 2005. In January 2006 the primary school opened its doors for scholars with Mr Vernon Harmse as headmaster, along with 21 staff members. Mr Pieter Schmidt was the first registrar of the College.

The year 2006 was a busy construction year, with the first phases of the high school along with the hall, auditorium and administration building completed. The hard work in 2006 paid off when, on Friday, 19 January 2007, Dr Carel Kriek, with his staff of 19, officially opened the high school and the magnificent hall was put to good use. In total 191 learners were the pioneers of Midstream College High School with classes up to grade 10 offered in 2007.

Over the years more facilities were added (e.g. astroturf) and the number of learners grew to 981 in January 2019.

Archive of Midstream College Head Leaders:



↓ Tishca de Coning

2019-De Coning Tishca-150

↓ Jano Bouwer

2019-Bouwer Jano-150


↓ Thana Groenewald

2018-Groenewald Thana(150)

↓ Reid Peatie

2018-Peatie Reid(150)


↓ Arya Naiker

2017-Naiker Arya(150)

↓ Minderd Spoelstra

2017-Spoelstra Minderd(150)


↓ Ingrid Schmutz

2016-Schmuts Ingrid(150)

↓ Justin Wentzel

2016-Wentzel Justin(150)


↓ Salu Nkomo

2015-Nkomo Salu(150)

↓ Jason Bayford

2015-Bayford Jason(150)


↓ Marinette Pretorius

2014-Pretorius Marinette(150)

↓ Eduard Bosman

2014-Bosman Eduard(150)


↓ Renate Griessel

2013-Griessel Renate(150)

↓ Theunis Griessel

2013-Griessel Theunis(150)


↓ Amy Bezuidenhout

2012-Bezuidenhout Amy(150)

↓ George Barnard

2012-Barnard George(150)


↓ Erin Willcocks

2011-Willcocks Erin(150)

↓ Inga Galeni

2011-Galeni Inga(150)


↓ Lara-Monique Solms

2010-Solms Lara-Monique(150)

↓ Francois Griessel

2010-Griessel Francois(150)

↓ Gustav Pretorius

2010-Pretorius Gustav(150)


↓ Claudine Briedenhann

2009-Briedenhann Claudine(150)

↓ Gareth Gibson

2009-Gibseon Gareth(150)


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