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Soft-Ice cc is the role players with industry setting standards in this industry. We are suppliers of catering equipment for the food service industry commercial and industrial kitchens. We supply a wide variety of catering equipment and accessories for any professional restaurants, lodges, guest houses, spaza shops, butcheries, bakery’s, deli’s, franchises as well as individuals for home use.

About us:

We are the direct and sole importer of the BEIQI Soft Serve Ice Cream Machines, ChromeCater Slush Machines and a wide range of ChromeCater Catering Equipment. Our showroom and warehouse is, next to the N1 highway for easy access.

We supply the whole of South-Africa and neighbouring countries, wholesale and retail.

We make use of a third-party courier service for deliveries inside the borders of South Africa should you not be able to visit or collect from our offices.

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We specialize in ALL consumables to go with all the equipment we supply for convenience to you our customer which makes us your 1 STOP SHOP.


All our machines and catering equipment carry a 6 or 12 MONTH CARRY IN WARRANTY respectively and all spare parts are readily available in case of any breakdown.

We have a fully equipped workshop with qualified technicians to assist with any technical query you might have regarding your machines, catering equipment or training on any of the equipment purchased from us.

Our Mission:

We provide affordable and excellent quality catering equipment at the right price ALL the time and strive to assist you with the absolute best service possible with a superior turnaround time which you deserve.

We are the leading supplier to the commercial catering and food service industry, delivering a comprehensive range of branded catering equipment & solutions to your needs with a backup service matched by our professionalism which is out of this world.

We are constantly monitoring new technology to better our product range and we appreciate our clients’ feedback to know where improvements can be made on our catering equipment or machines. We are always open to new ideas and suggestions.

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